We asked Bristol based Danish Blogger Josephine Rahbek to review some of the items she had picked for her little one Leander from our store. So here is her edit ready for Christmas present ideas!


'Possibly the prettiest stacking toy I have ever come by, so perfect and cute! And really lovely colours and feel to it. My son is still too young to stack toys but for now it's looking so pretty as a decoration above his bed. I also love the fact that the colours are calm and gender neutral, which means the toy can easily be passed on to other siblings and cousins. It makes it a very sustainable toy, which we always like :) '


'Whilst my son is not teething just yet, I simply couldn't resist this beautiful little toy! The colours are so lovely and fun and my baby has just started getting really good at holding on to things, and this ring is no exception as it fits perfectly in a little baby fist. I've purchased this a couple of times in the past for my friend's babies and they all love it!'



'This little elephant is so cute and really well made. We haven't used it for teething yet but it's already a popular toy during bath time as the colour is so pretty and eye- catching. I'm sure it'll be just perfect for when my son starts teething in not too long.'


'I cannot state how amazing this hairbrush is! I got this about the same time as we discovered a little cradle cap on my sons scalp. After treating the cradle cap with shampoo meant for the purpose, I was able to brush it all off with this fantastic brush! Honestly, it was like magic! We only needed one treatment and it was all gone. The brush gives a gentle massage which my baby absolutely loves, despite not having much hair. Now I just use it after every bath to give him a soothing massage and he loves it!'


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