Sustainability Commitment

Here at Blossom and Bear we believe in looking after our planet and the people in it. We are committed to the ethical sourcing and sustainability of not only our products but also those that work with us, the women who we can help support by being employers that pay well and care about welfare and personal development.  We are far from perfect and there is a lot for us to still learn, our aim is to be part of long term answers rather than short term fixes.

We want to be transparent in where our products come from and how they are made, showing you the faces and communities behind the products where possible.

Where we outsource products or supplies and are not able to physically visit those manufacturers we try keep records of their audits, certification and welfare policies of workers to ensure that they are committed to meeting high standards for the welfare of their employees.

We have a heart for women and families, and support our team to work flexibly around their families, paying attention to their personal development and welfare.

We care about the environment and are continually reviewing our packaging to see where we can avoid single use plastic and waste. We encourage our suppliers to do the same. We are increasing our efforts to make sustainable choices in the materials we use and our manufacturing processes. 

We recognise that we have a way to go and are committed to continually reviewing the way we work to see where we can improve and do better.