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Wooden Teething Rings

Teething can be a painful and difficult process for both baby and parents. Provide your little one with some much-needed relief, with our range of natural wooden teething rings and rattles. Our wooden teethers will soothe irritated gums and tiny teeth. 

Uniquely shaped, featuring bright colours, shapes and materials, our wooden teething rings are perfect for stimulating baby senses and keeping them entertained. 

Wooden teething rings are non-toxic and safe, perfect for chomping little teethers! 

Whilst you're here, check out our complimentary range of silicone teethers perfect for popping in the freezer for extra cooling relief!


Benefits of wooden teething rings and rattles

DurableUnlike some plastic teethers, wood is an extremely durable material. This ensures your teething ring will outlive the teething period, proving to be economical and reliable. 

Safe: When it comes to our children, safety is paramount. Our wooden teething rings are free from harmful chemicals, such as BPA, BPS, phthalates and other toxic materials, which can often be found in their plastic counterparts. 

Antibacterial: Wood possesses natural antibacterial properties. This means that whilst your little chomper is using their teether, their mouth remains free of bacteria. 

Sustainable: Our wooden teethers are made from organic beech wood, which is uniquely sustainable, grown in a renewable environment. 

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