Sand 'CUB' Silicone Suction Bowl and Cutlery set

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Introducing our adorable Bear Cub Dinnertime Bowls—an irresistible and colorful addition to your dinner table that will delight both parents and little ones.

Designed with functionality and cuteness in mind, these bowls feature a playful bear shape and a suction base to ensure mealtime stays mess-free. Say goodbye to those dreaded spills as the strong suction keeps the bowl securely in place, allowing your little eater to enjoy their food without any unexpected tumbles.

This set includes a specially designed fork and spoon with soft silicone ends, perfect for protecting those developing gums and delicate mouths. The easy-to-grip handles empower independent eaters, encouraging self-feeding skills while ensuring a comfortable feeding experience.

Available in a delightful range of lovely tones, our Bear Cub Dinnertime Bowls bring a pop of color to your table and spark joy during mealtime. Each set is thoughtfully packaged in our eco-friendly kraft packaging, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

These bowls are suitable from weaning through the pre-school years, adapting to your child's growing needs. They are durably crafted to withstand the demands of daily use, making them a reliable companion throughout your child's mealtime journey.

For the perfect pairing, consider combining our Bear Cub Dinnertime Bowls with our snack pot and silicone cup. Together, they create a complete and coordinated mealtime set that will make every feeding experience a delightful adventure.