Being an independent small business ourselves, we know how important it is, this year more than ever, to shop small and local where you can.

We have picked our top five stocking fillers for 0-3's from some independents we know and love to give you some Christmas shopping inspo! They are beautiful, thoughtful products and we think they sit so well alongside your favourite Blossom and Bear items!

1. Soft toy Lion by 'How I wonder'

We love this little Lion toy, it's sweet and unique and the perfect size for little ones to hold! 

2. Play in Choc - 'What Mother Made' 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a little bit of chocolate and this sweet play and chocolate box is the perfect combo and a nice way to introduce little ones to a little bit of the sweet stuff!

3. Soft Sloth book - 'Word Store LDN' 

I think Sloths are pretty much the animal of the year and fitting in with the lockdown lifestyle 😂 . This soft book has some beautiful bold imagery that is great for little eyes.

4. Bow Hair ties - 'Little N and the Lion'

We have long been fans of Ellen's beautiful creations, these bows have the loveliest patterns.

5. Reindeer Booties - 'Acorn and Pip'

You have to have a little bit of dress up at Christmas, and these super cute booties are just the right balance of stylish and cutesy.

We know it's not always possible to complete your Christmas shopping list entirely by shopping small, and that the bigger high street stores are able to offer prices that the smaller stores often can't match, but buying just one or two items from your favourite indie store makes a difference. 

You will often find you get better attention to detail, a more personalised service and thoughtful products in your independent retailers that you can't get elsewhere.

Happy Shopping!!


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