It's no surprise that, being a company that started with teething toys, we have a lot of parents coming to us looking for some relief for their teething tot! Cutting those first teeth can be a tiring and uncomfortable process for little ones and it can be a tiring time for new parents too, as we try and work out how best to help soothe our unsettled babe.
 Some babies may experience very few symptoms, while others may suffer from multiple symptoms simultaneously. Here are some of the most common teething symptoms to look out for when those little pearly whites are about to make an appearance.
🦷 Drooling like a Newfoundland!
Your baby's mouth produces more saliva than usual, which can lead to drooling, chapping of the skin around the mouth, and a rash.
🦷 More Irritable than standing in an hour long queue for a 4 minute ride at Disneyland..
 Teething can make babies irritable and fussy. They may cry more than usual and have difficulty sleeping.
🦷 Acting all Bitey-bitey
Babies often bite down on things to relieve the pressure on their gums. They may chew on their fingers, toys, or anything they can get their hands on.
 🦷 Swollen and red gums and blushed cheeks..
Teething can cause the gums to become swollen and red. You may notice that your baby's gums look inflamed, and they may feel tender to the touch.
  🦷 Becoming fussy with food..
Teething can make it uncomfortable for babies to eat. They may refuse to breastfeed or bottle-feed, or they may be less interested in solid foods.
 🦷 Sleeping/not sleeping
Teething can disrupt a baby's sleep. They may wake up more often during the night or have difficulty falling asleep.
Navigating through the teething stage can feel tricky, babies don’t come with a manual and just when you try something that works chances are next time you try it, it might not! However, having a few different things to try to help alleviate those pain-filled moments can give you more confidence to get your baby to settle.

Here are a few of the ideas that helped us out:

👍🏻 Provide something to chew on
Giving your baby something to chew on can help relieve the pressure on their gums. You can give them a teething ring, a soft washcloth, or a silicone teether.(we can help out in this department with our range of teethers and teething rattles) Make sure whatever you give them is clean and safe.
👍🏻 Cold objects for hot gums.. 
Cold objects can help numb the gums and provide relief. You can give your baby a cold teething ring (often silicone products such as our Rainbow Teething toy can be placed in the fridge for this reason, but always check the packaging), a knotted wet flannel popped in the fridge for a chilly comforter. Trying chilled foods like Yoghurt or purées.
👍🏻 Massage their gums..
Gently massaging your baby's gums with your clean finger can help relieve the pressure and discomfort. You can also use a small, clean spoon to massage their gums, weaning spoons are great for this.
👍🏻 Comfort them..
Sometimes, all your baby needs is some extra comfort and cuddles. Hold them close, rock them gently, and reassure them that everything is going to be okay. You will never, ever regret all the time you spent with them in your arms.
Don’t forget to speak to other parents about their experiences. We know how hard it can be, when you feel like you’ve just managed one stage in your babies’ development and now all of a sudden you find yourself thrown off course in the middle of another brand new one. When you share what you are going through with others, it can be invaluable. It can bring perspective and help you realise that you aren’t on your own in this (a common lie we tell ourselves at 3am when we’ve had little sleep and it feels like the world is against us!)
Teething is par for the course in your babies development and yes, you will probably lose some hours sleep to it, have some tearful moments yourself as you struggle too know how best to help them, and probably spend most of the time wearing a slightly  soggy top, but you will also have lots of toothy grins and gappy smiles to record and laugh over in the years to come as,  “this too shall pass.”
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