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Sensory bags are a great craft activity to get little ones being creative and the result keeps them entertained for while too. They are easy to make and you can get lots of different things to put in them from a craft store or just find things from around the house if you can't get out an about.

  • Simply get a clear plastic bag- a ziplock bag works well and fill it with whatever items you want.
  • For best results have a mix of solid items and a liquid, experiment with different colours, shapes and textures.
  • Make sure the bags are sealed with tape, so that nothing escapes!
  • Stick it do the wall, floor or window for your little one to play with. Windows work really well because the light shines through, or the floor means little ones can explore with their feet as well as their hands!

Here is a few ideas we found on the web that we love...

We love this simple but effective sensory bag exploring nature and light.

This starry night sensory bag is so effective with the gold and the black.

Large glitter pieces and hair gel make a simple yet effective sensory bag for little ones to explore.

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