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We know that lots of you may be finding life tricky at this uncertain time, and there is probably more time spent inside at home than most would like. It can be especially hard when you have wriggly and restless little people to care for! We have come up with a series of ideas we will be sharing over the next couple of weeks to make life a little easier!

Our quick and easy play dough recipe...

* 1 cup of flour (whatever kind you have on hand)
* ¼ cup of salt
* 1 Tbsp cream of tartar (optional)
* ½ cup of warm water
* 5 drops of natural food colouring

TIP: ( We use THIS food colouring as it doesn't stain! )

We love this idea of hiding objects in dough for little ones to discover- it's a really fun way of getting them to explore the playdough in a sensory and fun way!
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Making edible paint...

Let's face it.. little ones love to put everything in their mouths, which can sometimes put you off doing a bit of painting with them. Using edible paint is a really safe natural way for them to explore painting using their hands and feet without fear of what will happen if they end up swallowing it!

Recipe.. .

* 2 cups flour
* 2 teaspoons salt
* 2 1/2 cups cold water
* 2 cups boiling water
* 2 cups food coloring

If, like me, the idea of little hands getting paint over the floor and walls of your house puts you off, why take this whole activity to the bath tub or shower. That way you can let them get as messy as they want before washing them and the tub down after. Please make sure you watch little ones around running water at all times.

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